Traffic Fortitude

Traffic Fortitude

Date:Nov 6, 2012 Time:12:00 a.m. PST Prizes:See Below Type:Surf Promo Location:Treasure Hunting Traffic

Prizes are:

Surfer Rewards + additional prizes

Surf 150 sites at Traffic Fortitude and Treasure Hunting Traffic then go to Surfer Rewards at each exchange to pick your prize.  All members who claim the 150 surfer reward prize will be included in a drawing for additional prizes.

Surfer Rewards Prizes are: (Choose One)

  • $0.05
  • 50 credits
  • 100 banners
  • 200 texts

Additional prizes are:

  • 1 x $2.00/400/400/400 – cash, credits, banners and texts
  • 1 x $1.00/300/300/300 – cash, credits, banners and texts
  • 3 x 300/300/300 – credits, banners, and texts

Click on the banners below to join:

Traffic Fortitude    Treasure Hunting Traffic

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