Beach Head Hits

Beach Head Hits

Date:Jul 11, 2012 Time:12:00 a.m. PST Prizes:See Below Type:Surf Promo Location:Treasure Hunting Traffic

Treasure Hunting Traffic is having a surf promo with the brand new LFMTE traffic exchange Beach Head Hits.

Prizes are:

1st Place: $2.00/500/500/500 Cash, Credits, Banners, Texts

2nd Place: $1.00/100/250/250 Cash, Credits, Banners, Texts

3rd Place: $.50/50/100/100 Cash, Credits, Banners, Texts

To qualify, surf 125 at Treasure Hunting Traffic AND Beach Head Hits. The member who surfs the most at both sites combined WINS!

Click the banners below to join:

Beachhead Hits  Treasure Hunting Traffic

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