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Surf 'N' Win

Day 2 of Surf 'N' Win at Treasure Hunting Traffic!  Surf to find the coin claim pages for a chance to win $5.00 to your PayPal or Payza account. If you are not a member of Treasure Hunting Traffic...

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Welcome To The Treasure Hunting Traffic Upcoming Events Site

Posted by on Mar 4, 2012 in Blog

At Treasure Hunting Traffic we work very hard to get our...

surf promos

So You Wanna Do A Surf Promo

Surf promos are a great way to bring attention to your site, build your membership and downline, and help your members to get their sites seen.  If you would like to schedule a surf promo with Treasure Hunting Traffic, please fill out the contact form located in the navigation menu with your information, when you would like to have the promo, and what you would like to offer for prizes. Please include the image link for your favorite splash page, and your favorite 125 x 125 banner.  If you do not have a 125 x 125 banner, you can send the link to a 468 x 60 banner.  We will join your traffic exchange if we are not already a member, and use our referral link when advertising the promo.

We will try to accommodate you regarding scheduling a surf promo, but we won't be able to guarantee the date will work with us.  Keeping an eye on our calendar will be the best way to see what is available.

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